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Why do you pay extra for fuel, when you can get a fuel card and save up to $0.7 per gallon

Get The TSS Fuel Card Today

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TSS offers a credit-line backed card that works at all major stations.

How much does one truck save with our cards

On average one truck can save up to 10 000$ each year by using our fuel cards

Steps to get the cards

Fill out the Form

The application is approved within 3-5 days

We ship your custom cards

You get access to our E-Manager platform

Start saving

TSS Fuel Card clients have complete control over account management through an App on their phone and online, as well as the following perks and benefits:

  • A mobile app for both drivers and account admins to manage cards, users and reports
  • Save up to $0.70c per gallon
  • An interactive fuel finder map that shows the best savings around you or along your routes
  • An industry leading Custom EFS Platinum card with itemized fuel consumption statements focused on IFTA reporting
  • Nationwide discounts on fuel truck stops
  • Access to credit lines and cash-secured account options
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Do not allow fuel expenses to make a dent in your budget – cut costs with our fuel cards!


At TSS, we provide a full range of options for you to fund your cards.

We provide lines of credit for established businesses, as well as the ability to cash fund your cards through Zelle®, ACH credit and bank wire.


At TSS, your security is our top priority. All of our clients have access to their account management platform 24/7 on PC, tablets and phones.

We also provide customized access to an Admin App, where you can manage cards, drivers, limits and anything else to do with the cards, a Driver App that allows drivers to use our industry leading Fuel Discount Interactive Map powered by GPS to find the best daily discounts and routes for your hauls.
All of the data on these platforms is protect by industry leading bank-grade encryption.


Our fully automated application process takes just a couple of minutes to start.

It is very simple and straightfoward just like any other fuel card application. We provide 24/7 concierge support to onboarding clients and can walk you through the steps at any time. 

Minimum fees

We have built our offering to rival some of the biggest discounts on the market, while also making sure that you do not pay any extra fee’s that other companies love.

Get The TSS Fuel Card Today

Who needs our fuel cards?

Everyone who works in the trucking industry! Whether you are an owner-operator, or the head of a big trucking company – you still need to pay for the fuel. Fuel cards allow you to save a lot of money, which scales with the number of trucks you own.


The main advantage of our fuel cards is a weekly credit line of $5,000 that we provide to our cardholders. In addition, we work with the largest stations in America, which together have a network of more than 1,000 gas stations and truck stops throughout the country.

No. You can also pay for scaling, reefing and DEF with our card.

We provide fuel cards for free, which allows small companies and owner-operators to use our services.

Yes. On our website, each client has their own personal account, where they fully manage the cards (make activations, set limits, receive EFS codes), and can also track fuel prices and expenses, which allows them to effectively plan their budget.

Our support is available 24/7. So you can contact us at any time convenient for you.